When to hire a lawyer?

Hiring a lawyer for important legal moments in life alleviates stress, saves time and money, and increases the likelihood of more favorable outcomes. With that premise, the Florida Bar has launched “Life’s Legal Moments, an educational initiative to help Floridians understand when and how to access legal counsel. The program is designed to offer the public guidance on when navigating critical life movements necessitate retaining counsel to evaluate and help handle matters so Floridians can protect their interests. A priority of Florida Bar President Gary Lesser, the Life’s Legal Moments initiative was developed after a June 2022 survey found three in four Floridians consider the state’s legal system difficult to navigate. The program will help Floridians understand the value attorneys offer as trusted legal advisors during particularly important and challenging life events. One such stressful life event may occur when you are looking to retain a St. Petersburg divorce attorney. Or, how about if you just need to hire a custody attorney in St. Petersburg to assist you?